About Me

My Focus

My focus is total HONESTY,LOYALTY,TRANSPARENCY and "Good Old School" get it done. I am a researcher. I leave no stone unturned. I insist on total communication on both sides.

My Experiance

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.I have been coming to Las Vegas for 40 years and living for 10 years. I have negotiated deals my whole life , including 10 years of buying and selling to Japan which the business was buying and selling from A-Z.

Close the Deal - #1 Priority

Buying or SellingIn any business deal first is the understanding that "God gave you two ears and one mouth because he wants you to listen more than he wants you to speak".My experience is unbelievable what I have bought or attempted to buy in 45 years. I am a true EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEUR. 

Closing deals was my life long job. I promise if you give me 1 hour you will hire me.